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L’Heureux & Co. is proud to support the Provo Hockey League, a not-for-profit sports league catering to children’s hockey from ages 5-16. We have sponsored the L’Heureux & Co. Canadiens since 2018, and Tony has been a volunteer hockey coach since 2015. The sponsorship creates opportunity for all children to access the league, notwithstanding financial limitations.

L’Heureux & Co. has formed a Non-Profit Organization called TCI Arts Foundation, an important promotor of local arts on the island. In addition to handling the legal setup, we provide ongoing secretary services for board meetings and remain involved on an advisory basis with the founding members of the TCI Arts Foundation. One of the functions of the TCI Arts Foundation will be to bring in actors, dancers, musicians, and visual artists from the United States and the United Kingdom for entertainment and for instructional purposes in our local schools.

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