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Business Sale and Purchase

Whether you are looking at buying or selling a business, we can assist you with all aspects of the transaction by delivering timely quality advice and achieving the best outcomes, no matter the situation. We can assist you with the sale or purchase of all types of businesses; whether it is a local restaurant, a multi-million-dollar business or anything in between. We tailor our strategy, documents, and advice to best suit the nature and complexity of the transaction.

We offer a full service in relation to the sale and purchase of businesses, including:

  • undertaking legal due diligence;
  • providing corporate structure and asset protection advice and assisting with the implementation of such advice;
  • preparing, reviewing, and negotiating business sale agreements and associated documents (including disclosure documents where required);
  • reviewing and negotiating leases, assignment of leases and related documents;
  • providing advice in relation to, and assisting with all aspects of, the sale or purchase of associated land (including preparing, reviewing, and negotiating sale contracts and, where required, disclosure documents);
  • providing advice in relation to relevant licensing and accreditation;
  • providing advice in relation to intellectual property and assisting with the transfer or registration of intellectual property;
  • providing advice in relation to the termination or transfer of existing employees and the transfer of employee entitlements;
  • providing advice in relation to restraints of trade and non-solicitation provisions;
  • liaising with your financiers (where necessary); and
  • attending to settlement.

We can also liaise directly with your accountants to ensure your financial position is best protected.